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Mediation & divorce in Texas
by Trey Yates

Many couples seeking divorce are using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve issues in divorce proceedings. Mediation is probably the most popular.

However, mediation isn't always advisable. This approach can save time and money, and keep you out of court, but works best when divorcing couples are on equal footing, and want to plan for the future and play a role in developing a settlement agreement that will get them there.

Finding hidden assets may just
be a click away
by Patricia Barrett

Spouses who think they are getting away with hiding assets or secrets from their spouses in a divorce forget one thing: electronic and online activity leave traces.

Experts say many people believe they have permanently deleted email, Facebook posts, files or other communication, when they haven't.

Often, uncovering mischief or lies just takes basic electronic detective work. Tax returns, bank and credit card statements, pay stubs and other "paper trails" also provide a wealth of information for the trained eye.

Conquer worry with the bare
By Melissa Nickelsoni>

How many times do we worry about something we have no control over? Society tells us we need to solve problems, so we are sometimes compelled to provide solutions -- to challenges facing our friends, family members, children or spouses. But, in every case, is this the best approach? Are these really our problems to solve?

Perhaps the next time we start down this path, we take a step back and try a new approach...

What should we tell the children
about divorce?

When parents are about to separate, the best thing they can do is prepare their children and adolescents for what is about to happen. This guidebook created by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is designed to help parents think about and accomplish a difficult thing: telling their children they are separating. To download a complimentary copy, just click on the image.
Trey Yates
Trey Yates

Patricia Barrett
Melissa Nickelson

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