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Divorce in Midlife

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III

Women at Midlife More Likely to Initiate Divorce, Yet Have the Most to Lose

According to a survey conducted by AARP, women facing divorce in midlife are especially vulnerable financially, and more likely than men to be troubled about becoming financially destitute.

In her book, He’s History, You’re Not: Surviving Divorce after 40, Erica Manfred writes, “Older women’s losses are greater. They have been married the longest and take the hardest hit both financially and emotionally. They lose happy memories of times past, and the expectation of a secure, comfortable future.

“Many women facing divorce in this age group feel as if they have lost control over every aspect of their lives –financial, emotional and spiritual. They are thrust into an unfamiliar legal maze and called upon to make important, irreversible life changing decisions.

Despite these challenges, however, I have witnessed women who eventually come to see divorce as

a catalyst to propel them into their next best life, and emerge from divorce stronger, wiser and in more control of their destinies than ever before.

That is why I created The Guide to Good Divorce , a seminar series designed to help women get the information and support they need to transition successfully through the divorce process to a healthier, happier life.

Our seminars provide women with vital information they need to make informed decisions about divorce and the divorce process. Yet, it goes one step further and addresses the transformative potential of this opportunity as a time of self-discovery and personal growth–offering advice and tips on life skills, as well as psychological and spiritual wellness.

Our half-day seminars include sessions on the law of divorce in Texas, divorce financial planning, life skills, and spiritual wellness. In addition to providing information and access to experts, these workshops offer women the opportunity to meet and share with others facing the challenges of divorce, and start to build new communities of support.

Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III is a Houston-based Board Certified Family Law Attorney and creator of The Guide to Good Divorce  seminars for women. If you have questions about your Texas divorce, please contact The Law Office of Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III, P.C. for a consultation. If you’d like more information about Houston divorce lawyer Trey Yates’ 2016 Guide to Good Divorce seminars, please visit or call 713.932.7177.

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