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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that you can use to negotiate your divorce settlement or child custody dispute outside of court. The mediation process involves both parties, their lawyers, and a mediator sitting down to discuss the divorce matters. A mediator is a neutral party who can offer a different, unbiased perspective. Mediators are not present to provide legal advice but rather to engage in risk assessment for both parties. More specifically, mediators facilitate the decision-making process for whether the parties should surrender a disputed issue to a judge in a court of law or find a compromise that allows both parties to retain control of the outcome. Typically, mediation is part of the litigation process. In most courts, the parties must try to settle disputes through mediation before they move to trial.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediators can help create a positive environment for divorce settlements and child custody disputes. By attending a meeting with both spouses and their lawyers in the same place at the same time (although spouses are never in the same room), mediators can help everyone to stay attentive and productive while reaching an agreement.

When selecting a mediator, you should choose one that has formal mediation training. If you are looking for a divorce mediator in Houston, Texas, you can rely on the team at The Law Office of Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, P.C.

Contact A Qualified Mediator In Houston, TX

The Law Office of Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, P.C. team is trained in mediation with a particular focus on family law mediation. We can successfully mediate your divorce settlement negotiations to help you and your spouse reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

To learn more about our mediation services, contact The Law Office of Sam M. (Trey) Yates, III, P.C. in Houston, Texas by phone, 713.932.7177, or schedule a consultation via our contact form.

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