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More Boomers Divorcing After Years of Marriage

by Houston Divorce Lawyer Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III

Note: This article was originally published in the July 17, 2013 issue of The Houston Chronicle Senior Living Special Section.

While the overall divorce rate in the U.S. has declined since 1990, it has doubled for those older than 50, according to a recent story in the AARP Bulletin. The trend has become so significant researchers are calling it “gray divorce, and project one out of three boomers will face older age unmarried.

Reasons vary from “we just grew apart,” to changes in jobs, interests, goals, health, children’s lives or personal ambitions.  And then there’s longevity.

“We live so much longer now,” said Dr. Pepper Schwartz. “Today’s 65-year-olds can envision at least 20 more active years, and they don’t want those years to be frustrating or disappointing.”

Since 1986, Trey Yates, a board-certified, Houston­ based family-law attorney, has served the legal needs of many women clients whose marriages are ending at mid-life.

“Divorcing women in this age group can face some of the biggest financial and personal challenges,” Yates said. “Yet, I am also seeing many who come to view divorce as an opportunity to emerge stronger, wiser, and in more control of their destinies than ever before.”

Yates created an educational program titled “The Guide to Good Divorce,” designed to help women get the information and support they need to transition successfully through the divorce process to a healthier, happier life.

The half-day The Guide to Good Divorce seminars include expert presentations about the law of divorce in Texas, divorce financial planning, life skills, and physical and spiritual wellness.

Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III is a Houston-based Board Certified Family Law Attorney and creator of The Guide to Good Divorce  seminars for women. Our next The Guide to Good Divorce  seminar is Saturday, July 20, 2013, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Unity of Houston; to register, visit our seminar page or call 713.932.7177.

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