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Giving thanks during divorce will shift perspective

     by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III This week most Americans spend time with their families, friends and loved ones giving thanks. For those who are going through divorce or whose marriages are on the brink, the holidays can be especially…

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Mediation and divorce in Texas

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III

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Revisiting the “Conscious uncoupling” concept

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III The term "conscious uncoupling" exploded in the news media a few years back as Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow announced she and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin were ending their 10-year marriage. Paltrow used the obscure term…

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Heading off a high-conflict divorce

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III Often when I meet with a potential client for the first time to discuss a divorce, they readily state that their divorce will be “uncontested.” “We both pretty much agree on the basic terms of the…

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Managing your money while going through divorce

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III Most couples walk down the aisle never dreaming that one day they could face divorce. It is very difficult when they find themselves at this crossroad. Emotions run high -- there is confusion, denial, fear of…

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Divorce in the digital age

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III For better or worse, we are living in the digital age. Lightning-speed advancements in technology have enabled global electronic communications among us to accelerate to unbelievable levels of interconnectivity. Through expanding Internet bandwidth, increasingly powerful Smartphones…

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Who gets possession of the family pet(s) in a divorce?

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III Sixty-eight percent of the U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the National Pet Ownership Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association in 2018. And spending on those pets increases…

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Why a do-it-yourself divorce may not be in your best interest

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III If you are considering divorce, you may be thinking about trying a do-it-yourself approach using a website, book and or court provided documents. Maybe you are hoping to save money, time or heartache by simply getting…

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Before you file for divorce, prioritize, plan and prepare

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III If your marriage is on the brink of divorce, do yourself a favor and take some time to protect yourself and your children, and prepare for this process. Learn all you can about divorce in Texas,…

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Spousal Maintenance and Temporary Spousal Support in Texas Divorce

by Houston Divorce Attorney Sam M. “Trey” Yates, III Is Texas an alimony state? Alimony is the common term used to identify post-divorce payments from one former spouse to the other. However, in Texas, there is only one form of court ordered post-divorce payment obligation…


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