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Deciding what to do with assets left behind may be the last thing on your mind when a loved one passes away. However, if they fall into the hands of a probate court, they can be very difficult to reclaim in a timely manner. Many probate cases have been known to drag on for years after the death of the original property owner.

Our probate attorney in Houston, TX works to provide inventive solutions to the challenging probate cases that come our way. Carefully delineating the lines of ownership and determining the intent of the original owner can be a powerful means of resolving probate disputes.

Houston estate planning attorney near me

Since we believe that having a solid estate plan helps you to avoid probate altogether, we’ll be happy to talk to you about setting up a will or living trust to advance your family’s well-being. An estate plan tailored to your individual needs can enable a smooth transition of assets when the time comes. Contact Trey Yates, estate planning attorney in Houston, for help with your will or living trust.

We’re also ready to help you with matters that relate to:

Probate of Wills

Litigation of Will Contests

Declarations of Heirship

Construction of Wills

Living Wills/Directive to Physicians


Powers of Attorney


Elder Care Issues

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